People enlist for different reasons. Some want to make their career in the uniformed services, others just want to spend part of their working life in this kind of service. It is critical the decision is made after carefully considering all the angles of the question should I join the military.

A job in the armed forces is not one that you can easily quit, so you must be sure you want to make the commitment. If you become a member of the armed forces, you must remain for at least eight years. Unlike what is possible in civilian employment, recruits must remain once they have made their decision.

There is the possibility of an early discharge on grounds of some hardship reason. But this is only on rare occasions. In the absence of such a situation, only a dishonorable discharge will permit an earlier exit. But, this may be at the cost of an unpleasant penalty that is of long duration.

Be prepared for foreign deployment. Of course, this is to be expected in the Navy for the longest duration. But, it is also required for most of the other services. This possibility will not be absent even in National Guard and Reserves duties. But those with a travel bug, this is an appealing part of this line of employment.

Monetary benefits may not be easy to acquire. Signing bonuses, for instance, are not generally available. The lure is offered for work that is in higher demand. Even then, it may become accessible in the process of special training or after its completion. The offer may be terminated with the condition is not met within a prescribed time period. Anyone who commits should consider that VA is a victim of perpetual underfunding. This may come to matter, depending on the type of service one is selected for.

Certainly one may obtain college financial assistance, such aid is not a guaranty. Before becoming eligible, recruited persons have to pay a specified amount during the initial year of service, for the Montgomery GI Bill. To become eligible for the Post 911 GI Bill a prescribed period of service is required. Of course, meeting the conditions means meeting the specified requirements. And afterwards, there is a procedural process to undertake. But, Tuition Assistance does pay the full cost for active duty personnel.

After you have made your decision to sign up for the armed services, the next consideration is the decision on which branch to serve. Some research is required for an informed decision as each branch is distinct. A particular branch may be more suitable for certain people. Anyone interested in travel will find the Navy to be the optimal choice. The Coast Guard has the biggest peacetime utility. But, its limited number of enlisted positions and absence of guaranteed jobs on enlisting may be a drawback. But, these limited positions mean specialized skills are less of an emphasis and there is a possibility of acquiring broader experience. Additionally, these positions have a closer relation to civilian job categories.

Anyone who is already a college graduate or holds a higher degree may prefer to become a commissioned officer. A commissioned officer earns more and has a more improved standard of living. But there is greater responsibility in such a position. As there is considerable competition, being merely a college graduate will not be sufficient. It is vital that some serious research is conducted as you consider should I join the military.

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