Manny Pacquiao is blowing it

"You're blowing it son, you're blowing it."

Most ring observers instantly can identify that historic phrase of Angelo Dundee, urgently pressing for his man Ray Leonard to increase the pressure on Thomas Hearns. Leonard was losing the Welterweight Showdown but he eventually obeyed and followed Dundee's desperate pleading and sensationally turned the tables on The Hitman.

Thirty two years later, history is repeating itself, this time now it's Manny Pacquiao who is blowing it.

Pacquiao is playing the nice guy and not pressing or forcing Floyd Mayweather to make a fight. Mayweather is getting away with his ducking excuses for four years now, while Pacquiao mumbles a few meek challenges every now and then, while also saying he's praying for Floyd.

Mayweather, smartly, is taking advantage of Pacquiao's polite niceness while also slapping insults at him behind his back on twitter and in the media.

Yet Pacquiao, who sincerely wants the fight, amazingly just keeps doing next to nothing substantive to force the cowardly Mayweather into action.

Can you imagine if Mayweather tried his ducking bulljive act on Muhammad Ali, James Toney, or Roberto Duran? Each of those fighters would have verbally slaughtered and HUMILIATED Mayweather by now. Or they would've paid a less than diplomatic personal visit to Mayweather at his home or gym, perhaps relieving themselves onto his personal property or bitchslapping Mayweather for his incomprehensible disrespect for the integrity of the sport and all it's fans around the world who are demanding to see Mayweather fight Pacquiao.

But, no, Pacquiao is blowing it and he's blowing it badly. He's doing nothing. He could and should write an explosive open letter challenging Floyd and distribute it to major newspapers, magazine and websites around the world. Pacquiao can pen something strong, such as, "Stop ducking me Mayweather, boxing fans are sick of it. Stop being a coward and get in the ring with me and let's give the world the best fight of the decade. Let's see who is the best. It's time to put up or shut up. There's no place for a coward in boxing. If you keep on ducking me you are a coward. Be a man and fight. Stop being a chicken Floyd, you're embarrassing the history, honor and integrity of the our noble sport."

Lennox Lewis used to say that he felt like a man on a mission to eliminate all the "misfits" who were plaguing the heavyweight division. One by one Lewis got rid of oddball characters Andrew Golota, Henry Akinwande, Oliver McCall, Hasim Rahman, Michael Grant, Zelkjo Mavrovic and finally Mike Tyson. Lewis cleaned up the sport and restored honor, class and dignity to the prestigious but sullied World Heavyweight Championship title.

Now there is a new misfit disgracing the sport with his erratic, disgusting, arrogant, sometimes criminal, sometimes racist behavior - Floyd Mayweather. Now there is a blatant fraud coward at the top of the sport who has even admitted he is a duck who WANTS his team to keep handpicking set up opponents "to steal more money from fans."

And Manny Pacquiao just sits back like a dope and lets it happen now - for four long years.


Manny Pacquiao must stop being a pacifist and letting Mayweather run and hide and duck like a coward rat, in the process, making a mockery of and shaming and disrespecting the great, noble sport of boxing.

Manny Pacquiao has to take responsibility and be the man to get rid of this ridiculous bum Mayweather. Go all out. Whatever it takes. Like how Cassius Clay got Liston. Like how Jack Johnson finally got Burns. Like how Antonio Tarver finally forced Roy Jones to fight. Like how Bernard Hopkins finally made De La Hoya get in the ring with him.


Manny Pacquiao has to speak up more. MUCH MORE. Write that open letter challenging Floyd and put it out there. Make TV appearances. Increase the pressure on Floyd and his protectors Showtime, Golden Boy and Al Haymon.

Manny Pacquiao has to start now. Force the fight for next May or September.

Make it happen Manny. Make it happen. Blatant ducks like Mayweather have always been a part of boxing history ... however they have always been weeded out, eliminated, or corrected, eventually. Pacquiao simply has to force enough pressure on Floyd, like Ali, Tarver, Jack Johnson, Bernard Hopkins, and then, ultimately, eventually the duck will cave in and be destroyed. Floyd will unravel and cave if Pacquiao increases the pressure until he gets the desired result...a signed contract for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather next year.

But right now, Manny Pacquiao, you are blowing it son, you are blowing it.

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