The question being asked is, should there be a 5th fight between Juan Manuel Marquez & Manny Pacquiao?  My answer to that is, Yes.  There should be a 5th fight. Why you ask? Because I know that if a 5th fight takes place, Juan Manuel Marquez will have the power to make his own demands, since he wasn‘t able to get the fight to take place out of Las Vegas.  I believe that one of those demands will be Random Blood Testing & of course the rematch to take place in Mexico City.

    One thing I’ve been seeing is a lot of accusations of Performance Enhancing Drugs going towards Marquez’ way. I think is disgusting that the media mentioning PED’s, as putting a grey cloud over Marquez’ accomplishment of getting his win over his arch rival Manny Pacquiao. Where were these people when they were criticizing Floyd Mayweather  for even asking that all his opponents to take extra tests.  These men/women went as far as calling Mayweather a coward for wanting extra testing while demanding Marquez to take extra tests & these same people have found Marquez guilty without any proof.

    Manny Pacquiao went through the same accusations from the fans but was always backed up by the Media.  I was one of those people that criticized Pacquaio not because I actually believed that he was using PED’s but because he refused to take extra testing. The way that I saw it was, if you have nothing to hide, take the test.  Pacquiao, as the Icon that he is, should have been the first to jump to extra testing.  Setting an example as a champion.  

    I’ve been reading articles on the web, specially from Filipino sites demanding that there be an investigation done on Marquez because he worked with Angel “Memo” Hereida. They want the last fight to be investigated because Marquez looked so muscular & bigger than Pacquiao.  Well, Marquez’ body wasn’t accomplished over night or within a training period.  Marquez, so far had been working with Hereida since mid 2011. By my count, it took Marquez almost a year and a half to get that body. With hard work, dedication, & a proper diet… anyone can achieve a body like that.  Anyone can gain an enormous amount of  strength within 6 month, naturally. 
    Why even accuse Marquez of PED’s? He said he’s willing to take any test any time as long as Pacquiao takes the same tests.  What more do the Pactard media want from Marquez? That’s a statement Marquez made for their 2011 match & Pacquiao could’ve had extra testing to take place for the 4th bout.  The pactard media & all the pactards are still divided on extra testing.  They want Marquez to submit to extra testing but would put Mayweather down for asking for extra testing to take place.  They should ask themselves… How was it that Pacquiao went though  8 divisions without losing speed & power specially in the welterweight division.

    So far Marquez & Pacquiao are the same size, it was actually Pacquiao who outweighed Marquez by 4lbs on the day of the weigh in & 3lbs on fight night.  Is it really that surprising that Marquez KO’d Pacquiao, or Pacquiao KO’ing Cotto, Hatton, De la Hoya, breaking Margarito’s face & KD’ing Mosley.  I must say that even though Marquez is working with a person that has a history with PED’s… Pacquiao’s trainer Freddy Roach also have a history with steroids.  Pacquiao’s previous strength & conditioning  coach (not Alex Ariza) has also been caught with PED’s.  Should we accuse Pacquaio as guilty because he worked or works with people that have been involved with PED’s?  Absolutely not… So please give credit where credit is due.