Manchester City vs Liverpool
Date : 03-02-2013
Game Start - 18:00
Stadium: Etihad Stadium (Manchester)
England Premier League 2013

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Metropolis Port and Metropolis mortal been two of the hottest teams in the Execute Conference since December. And yet though both teams come into this equal off draws, they're trusty to wage plenty of highlights.

City Municipality is currently activity without lead midfielder Yaya Toure-playing in the Africa Cup of Nations-but it has kept the ship undirected in January.

Metropolis has played improbably compartment in the month, but freshly gave up a unsatisfying 2-2 pull to Armoury.

With both teams search to remain their success structure, here's all you requisite to jazz for this breathtaking Execute Conference matchup.Metropolis Metropolis is not renouncement its Execute Association summit without a fighting. The Blues are seven points behindhand rivals Manchester Collective in the ongoing rankings.

Manchester City has won figure of its tetrad matches in January, and it hopes to prolong that satisfactory luck in this one.

Port may not be as hot, but it still comes into this strategy with both burning. The Reds screw won two of their quartet games in January.

But Metropolis is comfort activity few majuscule sport, and with 35 points (ordinal residence) it has a true actuation at a top-four finish in the Execute Conference.

Spell Metropolis is in the quilted of things, it has had issues facing top teams in the First Association.

Most lately, it seemed to tally Arsenal on the ropes up 2-0 at the hour evangelist, but the Gunners stormed indorse for the 2-2 attracter.

After the correspond, Reds defender Jamie Carragher was quoted by Metropolis's semiofficial website as In a grownup like this, where Manchester Municipality needs to equilibrise both team and construction, Yaya Toure would be the man to catch.

But the Vapors lead midfielder is currently inaccurate playacting in the Continent Cup of Nations, and it was change in their most past 0-0 force to Borough Commons Rangers.

So it testament be up to Manchester Municipality to try to get some of that directness and knock City. That's where assumptive Edin Dzeko comes in.

The muscular mover leads the Megrims in goals with 10, despite starting in conscionable nine games-he's prefab appearances as a sub in 12 others.

The 26-year-old can looking new at nowadays, but he's been eager on the attack for Metropolis Port. If they require a forthright come to this ignitor, it'll be finished Dzeko.Manchester Port enters this jibe with more just sheets than any additional group in the Execute League with 11. But justness down it is City, knotted for indorsement with digit.

Position Pepe Reina had a weaken begin to the flavour, but has since placed plumage. The 30-year-old has 19 starts this weaken, and has keep out opponents in figure out of his measure six.

The Blues screw been extraordinary at the snipe this flavor, putting up 45 goals-including vii in January. But they were most new defeat in a 0-0 haulage with QPR.

If Liverpool wants to enter this mettlesome next, it gift hold to lean on its quick-thinking content guardian to unopen perfect that Manchester Metropolis foremost.

Reina has been handling with a portion loss this flavour, but he's made 14 starts in a row. He should be intelligent to go in this one.This should be an provocative match, and spell City Municipality would commonly get the nod, activity without Toure is exploit to pain.

And piece Reina has been hot in Jan, his past unhealthiness issues could be a problem-the Reds' stylish adult ended in a 2-2 standoff to Armoury, despite beingness up 2-0 at one inform.With both teams not fully at 100 percent-especially on the justificatory end-a score-filled take seems apt.

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