After a Sunday that went about as poorly for the Mets as a day could go (unless David Wright had been eaten by wolves), Monday was a good day. In fact, yesterday was the kind of day that makes watching sports fun.

Jason Bay hit another home run, continuing a two-week stretch of baseball that is almost enough to make you wonder if the Mets aren't totally screwed over the next two years and $36 million.

David Wright made one of the best players you'll see all year and reminded us that, not so long ago, he was good at defense.

And then emerging fan favorite, the rotund Lucas Duda, hit a walk-off single and we got to watch the Mets dance around like giddy children on the field.

People will tell you that this win will propel the Mets to something or other. These guys don't quite, and all that. Those people will probably be wrong. The Mets will continue being a mediocre team, perhaps less than that, depending on how long Jose Reyes is out. But for one moment, baseball was a lot of fun again, and it couldn't have come at a better time.