By:Kyle Caso


The Bulls have been looking to move two time all star Loul Deng for the past few seasons. Loul Deng has lead the Bulls in minuets multiple times  throughout the course of his 10 year career and has earned him self the reputation of a lock down defender. You might think "why would a contender like the Bulls want to trade there best active player?" Well Deng is due $14.3 million this season along with the fact with there former MVP point guard is done for the rest of the season there chances at a title are pretty much demolished so theres no point in paying a contract like Deng's if he will likely test free agency.

Now on the other side of the trade theres the Cleveland Cavilers who signed Andrew Bynum to a two year deal worth $24.8 million. Bynum was guaranteed only $6 million out of a possible $12.2 million depending on how many games he played. If he earned the full salary the first year then he would be offered the second year option in which he would receive the rest of the original $24.8 million contract.

News was finalized tuesday January 7th,2014 that the Cavilers were sending center Andrew Bynum, a lottery protected 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks to the Chicago Bulls for small forward Loul Deng.

The Cavilers have been in need of a small forward all season trying lineups that included C.J Miles,Earl Clark,Alonzo Gee, and Dion Waiters playing the three. So it is obvious how the Cavilers benefit from this trade but it is unclear to the average fan on how a trade like this benefits the Bulls.

The Bulls had no incentive to pay Deng for the rest of the season as with Derrick Rose out for the most part the season is a wash, also they were fully aware that the possibility of Deng testing free agency was sky high and last but certainly not least the free agents this off season are the best they've been since 2010 when Lebron James,Dwayne Wade and Chris bosh all signed with the Heat. Now although the Bulls have to pay Andrew Bynum the rest of the regular season despite releasing earlier today it won't hurt them in the cap when trying to sign free agents.