had planned to begin implementation of these plans brewing for a long time, should also be carried out. Looking back at life, life is like a river of the same article, life is a river, sometimes flowing and calm. Life is too short, a long way in life, life will go on. Sometimes life makes us sick, sometimes feel that life was too tame, too nervous, just can't tell yourself the deepest kind of ever-changing mood. In this year, I went to the forefront, has experienced the biggest test, I went through his mother's death, 2011, perhaps the greatest harm to me is the mother died. Taste of life was always bitter sweet and sour, subway and taste. I love my mother left me, his mother died that day, my heart is the damage dealt by every day, in the face of illness, I was hand com, in the face of weak mother, only frustration sadness in his heart. For Grandma, wrote a few words, Word by word heartache, I can't find better way to let off steam, coach handbag only useful of my meager words poured out their hearts from care and thought. I knew that mother loves me, wish me well and have a good life. She looked at me in the distant heavens, I must be strong, confident, self. I chose a path, that is, work hard to listen to the voices of others, every word in the text flow my tears into my work. The writing or achievements or problems coach handbags for sale documented the years are showing, from my heart, flow in the fingertips, it's probably my biggest gain in the year. Falling in love with type, encountered a long lost friend, who listened to their views regardless of type, inside there is an aspiration and hope. Around there are too many things that make us unforgettable, not forget mothers give their children a love, the love between husband and wife, love between friends. In that year, the biggest move coach keychain was the mother to leave me, many friends of my support and encouragement, which supports and encourages warmed my heart, I heading for tomorrow. All Thanksgiving is contained in is implicit. Began the new year, new year, there should be a new beginning, cannot wait, but not while away the hours. There are lots coach sunglasses of things to do, again written in the new year. New year, I will continue writing a record of my little mood, no matter what we do, I will still stick it, until victory. Believe that living better, living is for everyone who love life