With Rebel sophomore Terrico White tabbed by many as a potential first-round pick in next month’s NBA Draft (June 24), he could become one of the highest drafted players in Ole Miss hoops history.Here’s a look at some of the highest drafted Rebels in the history of the NBA Draft. Player Overall pick Round Team Year Gerald Glass 20 1st Minnesota 1990 John Stroud 27 2nd Houston 1980 Ansu Sesay 30 2nd Dallas 1998 Denver Brackeen 37 5th New York 1955 Justin Reed 40 2nd Boston 2004 Elston Turner 43 2nd Dallas 1981 Joe Gibbon 69 9th Boston 1957 Cob Jarvis 71 8th New York 1954 Carlos Clark 92 4th Boston 1983 Roger Stieg 95 5th Indiana 1983 NOTE: The NBA Draft has consisted of only two rounds since 1989.

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