Taylor's karate coach Mike Carter persuaded him to audition in Los Angeles Burger King ad, the results of Taylor was a success. Taylor enjoyed the elongchamp experience, and his parents that he wanted in his career, although not very successful start, but he enjoyed the process and to pursue an acting life, so that a certain experience.

From Taylor and his family began to travel back and forth between Michigan and California, so Taylor can often take part in a number of Hollywood movies and sac longchamp pliage television supporting the audition. With the reciprocating travel and ticket prices, cost overruns, Taylor, after a difficult decision in Taylor that year he moved to Los Angeles to facilitate a full-time in career. Although far from friends, their homes are very hard, but this move to Taylor in his spare time on football and baseball had a very keen interest in longchamp pas cher both sports he also made a very high level.

When everyone thought Taylor would be spent in the flash turn maneuvers in this life, his love of performing make him into another direction in life completely. Make Na said his sister: brother, family is the most blurred, because he can find Sac a main Longchamp in any environment the most suitable location, and not like other people do all day complaining about the same age. This information is disclosed: Taylor transient childhood surrounded by karate, not from their own true preferences, but he can use sac longchamp pas cher it best efforts to achieve the ultimate, and then gradually grow up with the power of choice, the He also loved his acting career can do.

Luo Tena Taylor starred in Valentine, the film with the small rural days Houtai Le Swift struck a spark of love, but only lasted three months, seems to love his girlfriend Taylor Luo Tena deeper always managed to stay around his girlfriend, but Taylor Swift but can not do this, the two feelings is difficult to progress down. So their relationship sac longchamps hobo just lasted three months and announced the broke up.