DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and came into effect as from the 15 August 2012. Deferred action is an optional relief grant for people with or without removal notices. The target demographic of the program is specifically youngsters that were brought into the country at a young age.

Generally applicants must be 15yrs old at time of application or 31yrs old prior to the 15 June 2012 cut off date. If under minimum age and have been ordered to voluntarily leave the country or are in the process of being removed then the age limit will be waived. Additionally anyone that came to the United States before the age of 16 and have continuously lived there since 2007.

If lawful immigration has expired on or before the June 15, 2012 cut off, or entry was excluding any assessments. Likewise any scholars currently studying or training for work procurement, as well as students obtaining a GED, primary, secondary or college education at either a public or private school, are all invited to apply for this grant. For further specifications on scholars that qualify visit USCIS on its website.

Applicants that will be excluded from applying are any person or individual that has received a conviction for any kind of felony or is seen as a threat to public security, or if more than three misdemeanors are noted. Misdemeanors will apply to the following illegal activities, theft, rape or other sexual abuse, possession of drugs or unlawful firearms, DUIs and domestic disturbance charges. Further disqualification is considered if a person has spent above 3 months in a prison but will exclude any suspended sentences.

All trips outside of the US borders during the period 2007-2012, that are considered for exclusion is if it was before 15/08/2012; was a brief time period and justifiable reasons can be given. If due to deportation whether voluntary or involuntary it will not have exclusion. Similarly where any illegal activities were noted while outside of the borders.

The 3 form application can be obtained from DHS directly or off the internet. A fee of $465 is payable. Fee exemptions can only be applied to inhabitants 150% below poverty line and that has big medical bills, with disabilities and is presently fostered.

Every successful applicant may lawfully gain employment, but can only do so if the EAD application form was completed. Further employment can only be accepted once the Employment Authorization Document has been issued. It will be valid for a two year period and can be renewed.

Travelling outside of American borders will only be permitted by way of an advanced parole being applied for and issued, at a fee of $360; failing to do this will be result in denial of re-entering USA soil. DACA is temporary and is not meant to be taken as legal permanent citizenship, or as a replacement for the DREAM initiative. It may be revoked at any point, declined applicants may resubmit an application, at a cost of the initial fee, but it must be noted legal implications should be looked into before submitting any application.

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