After three years of awkwardly working in the same department where he was pushed out as coach, former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr retired from his Associate Athletic Director position.

Carr, as noted here by Jamie Samuelsen of the Detroit Free Press, left a divisive legacy at UM. His teams were always good, but rarely great. Michigan was consistently ranked in the top 10 to start the season, lost an unfathomable game early, then climbed back into the top 10 by the end of the season. Carr split a national title in 1997, but otherwise left most Wolverine fans wanting more from a program where talent didn't always equaly championships.

This would seem to be good news for current football coach Rich Rodriguez. Multiple reports/rumors have always made it clear Carr was less than a fan and didn't offer Rodriguez much institutional (or otherwise) support.

However, message board theories point to this as good news instead for, you guessed it, Jim Harbaugh. New Michigan AD Dave Brandon is reportedly tight with the Harbaugh family. Apparently Carr was not a Harbaugh fan and if Rodriguez needs to be replaced, Carr would have put his support behind a different candidate. Now, the theory goes, Brandon would have  all the power to push Harbaugh on UM school president Mary Sue Coleman.

Anywho, other Michigan news included the resignation of Director of Football Operations Brad Labadie, which had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NCAA INVESTIGATION. THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE. MOVE ALONG.

Oh yeah, and fans were able to get a look of the now-completed Michigan Stadium renovation. Looks like UM will be back atop stadium seating numbers, holding more than 109,000. No pressure, Rich.