I have to say, this weekend was a pretty good one all around.  Yesterday I got to head down to Orange County for some high school winter ball action, and today I got to dust off the Pings for my first round of golf of 2012.  My golf game wasn’t all that sharp, and that could be said of some of the play I saw yesterday as well, but what can really be expected this early in 2012, some of us are a little rusty.

I know some of our readers lean towards the sabermetric side, so you can write these numbers down.  83, 60, 71, 91, 241, 133, and 5.  If you plug all of those numbers into Mapquest, you will find the route that I took to get down to J Serra High School.

Anyway, back to yesterday, my main interest was in getting a look at Harvard Westlake’s Lucas...

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