There are times when you look at the doors in your home and think that things are starting to get a bit shabby.  The doors themselves might still be perfectly serviceable, undamaged or unmarked; but the tell-tale wear and tear is evident when you focus on the door handle itself.  Whether this is on your interior doors or on the front and back doors to the outside it is easy to see when the time has come to think about a change to the handles.  You might want the same or similar style or maybe even a completely different look, but you can be sure that what you want is out there somewhere.

Styles will vary you might be looking for the contemporary look, maybe something a little more sophisticated or you just might want to fall back on the old classic and traditional styles. Almost any style of door handle that you can imagine will be available somewhere!  The key thing to think about though is what you actually need the door handle for.  It would be pointless to attach a handle that rotates or has a spring lever action to a cupboard door that simply needs to be pulled to be opened.  You would probably best be advised to seek out a smaller, round shaped door knob for this purpose one that is comfortable to grip with the finger tips rather than a large handle or knob that requires the whole hand to grasp it.

An unusual type of door handle can be found attached to caravan or motor home cupboard doors probably best to refer to this type as a door knob though.  It is usually round in design and very small.  Rather than gripping it with the finger tips and pulling as you might do for a kitchen cupboard door, you actually press the centre of the knob in and this releases a locking mechanism inside the door.  Like any kind of cupboard or compartment in the home it is essential that the door is secure, even more so in a moving vehicle of course.

It has to have smoothed, maybe rounded, edges so that it feels good in your hand.  You won't want to feel rough or jagged edges on the part that has most hand contact and you can be confident that a good quality product will not have this problem. Particularly where an external door is concerned it needs to be strong and durable to survive the many uses it might have every single day.  It is easy to wear out the mechanism inside if you use that door constantly and a good quality door handle will help to extend the life of that mechanism if it is a good, strong fit inside.