Last Saturday night La Liga giants Barcelona destroyed Espanyol at Cornellà - El Prat 5 - 1 with David Villa and Pedro knocking in a brace.

During the 90 minute one-sided affair, color commentator Ray Hudson of GolTv could not help but note the bravado of the little Argentine, Lionel Messi, and how he does not dive.

Hudson instructed all his viewers to go to youtube and look up the video of Messi never diving.

After watching the little man in action, one cannot help but to be impressed. However, this video was a bit bias.

Yes, Messi is a hardest working man who does not like go down easily, and for this he must be commended. But there have been times where the Argentine as gone down faster than Dani Alvez (he dives all the time).

But it is a rarity. Thus, "Messi Never Dives," is a misnomer and should be changed to, "Messi Almost Never Dives."

Regardless of the misleading statement, Messi is a little force to be reckoned with. The fight, charge and talent this little guy bears is impressive.

Enjoy the video.

... Did I mention he was a little man?