Striker Martin Palermo, Messi's team-mate in the national team considered that Messi doesn't have the ability as a leader in a team and in the field. Therefore, people shouldn't compare him to Diego Maradona's successfull career, who led Argentina to win the World Cup in 1986.

According to him, Messi did not have the mentality like Maradona. This happens because Maradona grew up in a rough condition in Buenos Aires. Unlike Messi, who has been living comfortably since he was a kid, and had entered Barcelona Academy at the age of 12.

"Messi is not Maradona. For me, Messi did not have the mentality like Maradona. He was not prepared to lead the team," stated Palermo. "He's not a player who has the character as a leader. He does not have the capability like that because he wasn't positioned for that. He grew up in a different way," explained the striker, who only played for 13 minutes in South Africa.

It's understandable, since Messi was never able to look good with his national team, unlike when he's with Barcelona. Even in the 2010 World Cup, Messi did not score a single goal.

The reason is, Messi played in a different position. He's more comfortable with Barca style where the ball were passed to him around the penalty box, rather than Maradona style to forced him play more active on every position, and looked for the ball.