Chicago, IL, 18-JAN-2013 - The Lincoln Park auto repair provider, Bucaro Brothers Auto Care, has been recognized as a dependable and reputable team that offers the solutions for car troubles. The technicians are trained in the most advanced technology and are able to repair any make, model or year of vehicle. In addition to service maintenance and tun-ups, the team offers wheel alignments and repairs for more serious issues.

When interviewed recently a representative for Bucaro Brothers stated. "Many people are keeping their cars longer and are searching for ways to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Our team of skilled technicians have been ASE certified and perform a wide variety of maintenance services. When a major repair is needed, our staff answer questions and explain the problem and solutions in details. Our goal is to keep your car running without a breakdown and provide the fast and efficient service that you need at an affordable price."

In addition to offering major repairs such as engine replacement, the staff is trained to address electrical problems, perform brake service and repairs, and take care of your transmission issues. When a person brings their car to Bucaro Brothers, the vehicle is given a thorough examination to identify the issues that are causing the problem. They ask the vehicle owner about any problems they have experienced in the past and discuss the maintenance that has taken place in the past to keep the vehicle in shape.

Following the examination and discussion the technician will discuss the problems that must be addressed immediately to take care of the issue and the service schedule that should be maintained to ensure that the vehicle keeps running without a breakdown. During a regular maintenance check all of the fluids in the vehicle are checked as well as the transmission and brake system. The technician evaluates parts of the car that may be worn or need replacement. The technician always provides a detailed estimate for the work that is being recommended and will discuss the options available that will fit your budget.

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