Are you one of the 1600 or so people following Ndamukong Suh on Twitter? If not your missing out on a pretty fascinating ride.

It's weird to see how quickly life changes for superstar college athletes. For three or four years everything is essentially off limits. No free tickets, no free food, no nothing except the scholarship in your pocket and the standard issue shoes on your feet.

Play your last game, however, and suddenly nothing is off limits if you're a projected first rounder. Take a look at what the even-keeled Suh has been up to since the Holiday Bowl.

Feb. 1 - Ndamukong Suh joins Twitter. Also on this day, Colt McCoy closes his account (I presume).

Feb. 5 - Suh appears on Rome is Burning then heads off to do an appearance for Visa. If Suh was like most college kids I knew,...

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