NCAA Job Posting: Head Men's Basketball Coach, Iowa

Iowa outlines hoops job in ad - The University of Iowa did not waste any time beginning to advertise its vacant men's basketball coaching position.

Job Posting: Head Men's Basketball Coach

Iowa Shopping for Pearls - "Gary Barta held a press conference announcing that Todd Lickliter, the lackluster coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes, will not be returning next year to coach the team. Really?!?"

Who should be on Iowaâs short list? Itâs not hard to figure out - By all accounts, Todd Lickliter is a good guy. He's intelligent, well spoken, mild-mannered and courteous - all great qualities in a person you're hiring to do your taxes. But for a big-time college basketball coach, those traits tend to get you chewed up and spit out on the side of the...

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