If you have lived under a rock for the last couple weeks you would probably be surprised at the ownership situations of the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wilpon lost Millions when the Ponzi scheme collapsed and the McCourt's seem like they are filming for an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! But there's a team who has been in limbo since 1995. That team is the Oakland Athletics who, under Lew Wolff and John Fischer (and the owners before them), have not only frustrated Bud Selig to the point where he wont talk, but have also alienated and ruined what was a great fan-base!

Lew Wolff made a good reputation in 2006 when the A's went 93-69, winning the American League West as well as taking the team to their first ALCS since the 1992 Season (The Season after he bought the team in 2005). Times have changed in the last 5 seasons of A's baseball. Not only has the economy taken a toll to fans but the play on the field has been average at best. As for Lew, well he has made it possible for the sole reason he wants to move the team 40 Minutes South to San Jose and into a new Stadium known as Cicso Field.

For years now free agents have declined offers to play in Oakland. For years now ownership has blamed this on the ballpark when the truth is ownership isn't willing to pay top money for these free agents. Wolff thinks the only solution is a new ballpark. He has never listened to anything Oakland has offered and has had eyes set on San Jose since he got here! There has been one problem from the beginning: The San Francisco Giants own the Territorial Rights to Santa Clara County (Yes San Jose... that means YOU too).

The problem with San Jose, in which Wolff doesn't understand, is that San Jose is more than a Giants territory on paper. It IS a Giants territory to the people who live in San Jose! The Giants make their most of their revenue from Corporate Sponsorship and fans who make the trip to San Francisco and AT&T Park (opened in 2000 and built without Public Funding). The Giants believe their franchise will financially suffer if the A's get the green light to move South to San Jose due to loss of corporate money.

Bud Selig, the man who makes the decision on the rights, wont touch the subject. He was Wolff's frat brother at the University of Wisconsin. But he also looks out for the other 29 owners in Baseball. That includes Giants owner Bill Neukom, who made his money defending Microsoft in a number of lawsuits. Selig knows what Neukom is capable of. So he has stayed quiet while A's fans, as well as the City of Oakland, have suffered through 4 years of losing seasons while being alienated by the man who owns the franchise.

With the Coliseum lease up after the 2012 season, something has to be done now! Oakland has made a play for Victory Court. Which in my opinion, would be the best option for the Oakland Athletics to be successful. The Waterfront plan would bring in free agents, fans of all ages, and most importantly revenue for the City of Oakland. With San Jose being in a state of financial emergency, and the Giants territorial rights, the best (and fastest) solution is to Keep the A's in Oakland! A city where the A's and fans have witnessed some of the Bay Area's greatest sports moments!