Next Time By reader Matthew Woodruff saw this article on Jamie McMurray and asked if he could write his own letter to his favorite driver Kevin Harvick. Below is this very letter. If you would like to write your own letter or column here on Next Time By, contact Summer Dreyer at [email protected]:





Dear Kevin Harvick,

I want to thank you for the awesome season you have given your fans this year.

First thing I want to thank you for is not ever giving up this season when 2009 was a bad year for RCR. I am happy you decided to stay when the team started to pick itself back up in February.

When you made in, what I think, was the best move of your career in Talladega when you passed Jamie McMurray on the last lap in the tri-oval to beat him by inches in a margin that was even shorter than your Daytona 500 margin, I knew that the 29 team was back and was going to be better than ever. I saw that again this past July at Daytona and then again on my birthday when you won Michigan last August.

Through the good times and bad I have stuck by you no matter what. I know it was tough to take the ride of a legend but at Atlanta in 2001 you did. You do share the intimidating style Dale Earnhardt Sr. had. That’s why your fans love you so much.

Also I would like to thank you for the kindness that you have given your fans at this year’s Fan Club gathering. Everyone at KHI was so nice to everyone and for you to open up everything at your shop in Kernersville, when I finally met you it was one of the greatest days ever. You and DeLana know how to treat fans of yours.

When the Chase started you never quit even when some fans doubted that you wouldn’t be successful in it. You went all the way to the end, like you said in your post race interview at Homestead “We went down swinging.”

Now it is on to 2011! You have a brand new sponsor in Budweiser and I just know that the 29 team will be even more successful than it was this year! So Mr. Harvick thanks for everything you have given your fans this year! I hope you and DeLana have a very great and relaxed off-season. I also know KHI will grow even stronger in the years to come.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the best of luck in Daytona!

Matthew Woodruff