Michael DeNicola



Let me start off by saying congratulations to the city of Chicago and the Blackhawks for an exceptional Finals. They fought hard throughout the regular season, and gave their viewers an insanely awesome Stanley Cup series to watch.

When the Flyers defeated the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Finals, I could not imagine a better Cup series than one with the Flyers and the Hawks. Two teams who haven't won a cup in decades, and contain historical significance that could fill volumes and volumes of archived books.

With that saying, let me get into the meat of things; our boys in orange went down to the Blackhawks in Game 6 Wednesday, June 9th.

After going down 2 games to 0, and tying it up 2 - 2 in Game 4, Flyers fans had a lot to be excited about. It seemed as though Philadelphia was going to overcome yet another giant obstacle the likes of which hockey has never seen. But that simply was not the case.

Game 4 was Philly's final win in the series, and the Hawks managed to raise the cup in celebration after a 4 - 3 OT GWG on our home ice.

Flyers star defenseman, Chris Pronger, was the center of attention all series long. He had managed to virtually shut down big boy and crease king,  Dustin Byfuglien most of the finals, but at the same time got under the Hawks players' and fans' skin by stealing games' 1 and 2 puck once the 3rd ended.

This put Pronger under extreme scrutiny from Chicago's media and bloggers, saying he was a "bitch", an "asshole", "poor sport", etc.

But the man was doing his job successfully; getting the players and fans hot and bothered over something so miniscule! He's been to the cup before and won it, so he knows what he's doing. Yet the Chicago Tribune continued to bash him by publishing a photoshopped picture of Pronger's lower half in a skirt, woman's legs and ice skates, labeling it "Chrissy Pronger".

How immature can a group of d-bags be?

But this wasn't the only story published talking smack on the Flyers OR their fans.

Some absolute waste of life named Dan McNeil, who also writes for the city's tribune, attended Game 3 in Philadelphia and decided to sit amongst the fans in the lower seats. This porky piece of shit also has a radio show that I can only imagine sounds like some high school reject vomiting senseless sports knowledge into a microphone while taking breaks biting into and eating a couple dozen frosted donuts every morning.

Okay, anyway, Dan went on in an entire article about how low class Philly fans are. Yea, we've been subject to this type of media coverage before, but this individual really stuck it to us.

Lines such as, "Flyers. As their hockey team won the game, changing the complexion of the series, their fans changed nothing, proving they are every bit as loutish, abrasive and disgusting as the image they have cultivated", and "It's a shame the nation's sixth-most populated city, one steeped in American history, possesses this visceral need to be so foul. If you ever have a chance not to come here, do it", and my personal favorite -- "If America needs an enema, the tube should be inserted here".

I personally cannot believe that this chump had this article to hand over to his editor, and that man gave the green light to publish it! It's lazy writing. Do you have any idea how easy it is to bash Philadelphia's sports fanbase? It's been done since the '60s. We've heard it all! Hell, I wasn't born until 1983, but I am still categorized as the same nuts who tossed frozen snow balls at Santa at an Eagles game back in 1968. NINETEEN SIXTY-EIGHT!

I wasn't even swimming in my pappa's coin purse this year!

Back to this shoulda-been-aborted disgrace of a man, Dan McNeil -- I've seen this guy. In one of the pictures he was wearing a ridiculous flannel sweater, and a haircut that would make Donald Trump open palm slap this f'ing butt plug across the face. He also dresses like he's gonna finish up his radio show and play Dungeons & Dragons with a few pimple covered virgins.

Not to mention Dan makes fun of a female Flyers fan's weight, when he looks like he's 3 pounds away from a bypass.

Hey Dan, you wanna talk about bad fans? How about you take a look at yours first. What about the beer that was dumped on Victorino last Phillies season at Wrigley when he was catching a fly ball hit deep to the warning track? What about the father and son who stormed the field during a White Sox home game and beat the living shit out of the first base official? What about the absolute fact that for YEEEEARS the Chicago Blackhawks attendance was the goddamn joke of the NHL? How about the fact that SNL spent the greater years of the '90s poking fun at your fans for being these slobbish, overweight, stupid individuals...


So step off your steel enforced soap box, you thick shit, and begin writing articles about your sports team instead of firing low blows at an entire city's population. Maybe you'll gain more respect from people other than mommy who bakes your 500,000 calorie pallet of brownies for lunch everyday.

(Btw, if you're interested, here's the link to the article; http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/ct-spt-0604-blackhawks-dan-mcneil--20100603,0,1249382.column )


After coming off of an outstanding series against the Canadiens, team Captain Mike Richards didn't continue his stellar performance into the Finals. I refuse to say he "sucked", but I will say he wasn't the presence that he was in the ECF.

Still, our Flyers put up one hell of a fight and players such as Simon Gagne, Ville Leino, Scotty Hartnell and Danny Briere really kept us from falling over the edge prematurely.

There was one player I was highly disappointed with and that is Flyers center, Jeff Carter. He just did not seem to have anything together. Maybe it was due to his injury prior to the playoffs, but he was skating lazily and routinely missing shots or putting them directly in Hawks goaltender, Antti Niemi's chest.

But look, I am not going to put all the weight on one or two players. We were simply outmatched. Chicago's speed and agility is hard to match up with for any team.

I could get into players stats, saves, and percentages, but I'd rather just focus on the fact that we gave it our all all throughout the post season and into the Finals. Yes, we lost, but a positive to keep in mind is that this team's gonna be a contender for quite awhile -- and not just playoff material...Stanley Cup contender material.


One more thing that I'd like to talk about is Blackhawks forward, Adam Burish.

"Wait, Mike. WHO?"

Exactly. This tall drink of douche was interviewed for some unknown reason after the Hawks just won the Stanley Cup, and just five minutes after their win, he had this to say about Chris Pronger;

"I think Chris Pronger's the biggest idiot in the league. I can't stand him one bit. I hope I never have to see him again. If I see him out there, I might punch him." 

And what did he think about the picture posted of Pronger in the Chicago Tribune?

"That's perfect. He should have worn that out here on the ice. He was terrible."


This coming from a goon who spends lesser time on the ice than he does with the woman in his life in bed. The man finished the series with a -1 performance, yet the team he just so happens plagues with his roster spot winning the Cup gives him the right to verbally bash a man who has three Stanley Cup Finals appearances with three different teams, a Hart Trophy, a Norris Trophy and a Stanley Cup ring.

I love it -- "If I see him out there, I might punch him"

Well, Mr. Burish, I hope you get that chance one day. Then Pronger will slowly turn his head back like the friggen Terminator, smile, and continue to turn you inside out and finish turning your bowels into his personal pants belt.

What kind of a poor sport has this to say about another after just winning the greatest championship trophy in sports? I couldn't believe what I was watching.

That'd be like if Flyers own, Riley Cote, came out on the ice had Philadelphia won and talked smack on Patrick Kane! I'd feel the same way, too. I wouldn't be a homer fan and agree, and/or laugh about it. I'd be just as pissed and call Riley a f'ing moron!

The NHL needs to digest this shmuck and shit him out.



Ladies and gentlemen, it's been one hell of an exciting, and up and down season. I tip my cap to all of you, the players and this magnificent city.

Just so you know, I will be writing throughout the off season with any Flyers updates I have an opinion about. I wish you all a fantastic summer, and keep reading.