Another Pac-10 matchup, another last second field goal going in the wrong way.  A seven hour bus-ride home gives you pleanty of time to think about what we learned this weekend at Stanford.

Robert Woods is a grown ass man

The 18-year old freshman from Serra looked like he was playing with kids Saturday, running over and around defensive backs en route to 224 yards and 3 touchdowns (see attached video of Woods abusing young children).  Too bad most of those kids were lined up next to him in the huddle.  Ronald Johnson struggled his way to 61 yards, the rest of the receiving core was plagued by drops, and the Trojan offense still looks like an above average run game featuring the receiver of the week.

USC has worse wraps than Del Taco

Lately, Trojan defenders have been sticking to their tackles like Jello on a slip-n-slide.  It's hard to blame Monte Kiffin for a laundry list of defensive shortcomings when the defense looks like they're playing in KY.

Kiffin needs a watch

Kick a game-winning field goal as time expires on me once, good for you.  Kick a game-winning field goal as time expires on me twice in two weeks, maybe I need to rethink my clock management strategy.  Or have one at all. 

With 1:18 left in the game, USC had 1st and goal at the Stanford 3-yard line with the clock running -- pleanty of time to secure 7 points and let some time off the clock to avoid a Cardinal comeback drive.  But four seconds later, the ball was back in Barkley's hands, Bradford took it into the endzone, and at 1:08 Luck had the ball back with just enough time to put Stanford in position to kick a game winner.  Either Kiffin is completely incompetent as a college football coach or he doesn't own a watch.  I will be sending him a limited edition Looney Tunes Swatch before Saturday to make sure and will withhold all further judgement until then.