LeBron James has been on an absolute tear as of late.  He should win his 4th NBA Most Valuable Player Award this season.  I am a Miami Heat fan now (because they have LeBron) I will admit.  I will admit that this race is between two players.  These two players are LeBron James and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Take a moment to check out both players’ NBA.com profiles below.

LeBron James: http://www.nba.com/playerfile/lebron_james/

Kevin Durant: http://www.nba.com/playerfile/kevin_durant/

Kevin Durant has been phenomenal this season.  He is posting averages of 29.3 points per game which leads the NBA.  While also averaging 7.5 rebounds and 4.4 assist per contest.  His Oklahoma City are also 2nd in the Western Conference (San Antonio Spurs are in first place by a game and a half over the Thunder).   This guy is a hell of a basketball player and one of the best pure scorers of the basketball the world has ever seen.

However, there is a guy standing in Durant’s way of winning a MVP.  This same NBA player is the also standing in Durant’s way of winning his first NBA championship.  This man is of course LeBron James.  LeBron’s Miami Heat are currently sitting in first place in the Eastern Conference.  It seems that LeBron never has an off night.  Even when he seems to have an off game you can check out the box score and see he has almost posted a triple double.  LeBron is currently averaging 26.8 points per game along with 8.2 rebounds and 7.0 assists per game.  Most would say that Kevin Durant was the favorite to win MVP this year up until about 2 weeks.  #6 has gone on a tear as of late.  What he is doing is truly historic.  He has shot 34-48 from the field over the last 3 games and is averaging 31 points per game over that same span.  On February 4th against the Charlotte Bobcats he shot a blazing 13-14 from the field for a total of 31 points while also pulling down 8 rebounds and dishing out 8 assists.  31-8-8, while shooting 93% from the field for an entire game, UNHEARD OF!  LeBron is the clear favorite to win the NBA’s MVP.  I would hate to see the media vote for someone else because of “VOTER FATIGUE”.  The same thing happened to Michael Jordan back in the 90’s when the league voted Karl Malone as MVP.  What happened to Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz in the Finals.  They got absolutely TORCHED by Jordan.  I see something similar happening if the media makes the mistake and doesn’t give LeBron MVP this year.  LeBron could very easily be getting his FIFTH MVP in a row this year!  Once in a generation type player who is having a phenomenal season.  Maybe the best season overall in his career.  A long way season to go, so let’s see if LeBron can get it done.

 Be sure to check out the YouTube video of LeBron's blazing 13-14 shooting performance against Charlotte below. AMAZING BASKETBALL!