Last night marked the highly anticipated homecoming of Lebron James back to Cleveland. As expected he was greeted to a chorus of boos from the still heartbroken fans of Cleveland Ohio. Quicken Loans arena had towels waving and a sold out venue. The crowds tempo only lasted for a short period though as the Cavaliers could not sustain the high powered offense. While they tried to provide highlights with a monstrous dunk by J.J Hickson, and keep it close for the first quarter. We now see why Lebron decided to take his talents down to Miami because there isnt a true leader who commands the ball or a an offensive threat. By the 3rd quarted with the game already in hand Lebron James went on a scoring spree scoring 24 of his 38 points in the 3rd quarter to finish with a game high 38 points, all this while sitting out the entire 4th quarter. With that being said, Lebrons homecoming wasnt exactly how the Cavaliers fans pictured it, but what is one to expect when its best player and most prolific scorer from a year ago is destrotying you by himself. Maybe when the Cavaliers come to Miami it may be a better match up. But as the Lebron James Nike commercial says "Maybe the Cavaliers should clear the deck and start all over".