There are tremendous benefits for anyone who participates in a Shackleton leadership program. These programs are modeled on the outstanding skills of the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. He is best known for his work in Antarctica in the early part of the twentieth century.

One of Shackleton's first steps was to keep morale high. He had picked his crew carefully and only took men he knew he could count on. They all had excellent skills and were able to contribute to the project in many ways. The crew were divided into teams, each led by one of the most assertive men. The same strategy remains effective today. A leader should not put two of his most dominant employees on the same team.

After setting out on their boat the Endurance, the crew was only a few miles from the coast of Antarctica when the boat became trapped in pack ice. It was eventually destroyed by the ice, leaving the team with very few supplies and no way home. Temperatures drop to unbelievable levels and food was scarce. Many people would have given up in despair but not Shackleton.

Courage and resourcefulness were some of Shackleton's greatest assets. Even in the face of incredible danger he remained calm and focused. He had complete confidence in himself and his ability to lead. This confidence was felt by his crew and they were happy to follow his orders. In fact, they actively looked to him for leadership.

Motivation is a vital characteristic of a good leader. They are very aware of their position and know that they must inspire their team. Just as Shackleton did, a good leader must explain the plan to his team. The next step is to let everyone know they are a vital part of the success and what their role will be. Selecting the best person for each job is crucial.

An ability to think logically is also important. This allows the person in charge to have a clear plan in place. It is also easier to convince others to follow if they can clearly see a logical program ahead of them. The leader should not be afraid to change course if they realise their initial plan is not working. Again logic is a crucial part of the strategy. Shackleton's men had complete faith in his ability as a leader and were willing to follow him into extremely dangerous situations with confidence.

Shackleton was not only strong, but he was at the same time attentive to his crew's needs. When he saw a man beginning to fall behind, he immediately took any steps necessary to help. He had a very nurturing side to him that helped him empathize with each crew member. Many leaders are afraid to show care and concern for fear they will be seen as weak. As the great explorer proves, nurturing your fellow man is not a sign of weakness.

A Shackleton leadership program is an outstanding experience for anyone interested in developing stronger leadership skills. Not only will they learn about the life an achievements of one of the most effective leaders of all time. They will also learn about themselves and what they are capable of.

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