Dacula, GA, 22-APR-2013 - Dr. Natalie A. Lawrence, DC has been recognized for her success in providing Dacula functional medicine that offers members of the community the pain relief solutions that will help them achieve greater mobility and wellness. The doctor creates individualized programs utilizing the most advanced methods, techniques and training to ensure that patients achieve and maintain greater health and wellness.

When interviewed recently Dr. Lawrence shared her commitment to providing patients with the highest level of care. "I am continually striving to providing the absolute best care and training to people who are seeking relief from pain. My goal is to provide both my patients and members of the community with healthy, safe and natural alternatives for effectively managing chronic conditions or issues that cause pain. There are often many factors that contribute to the pain that an individual suffers and I work very closely with my patients to address all of these factors and triggers to ensure that they are able to achieve long-term relieve and become more active participants in maintaining their health and wellness goals."

One of the therapies that is offered by Dr. Lawrence is Cold Laser Therapy. This therapy gives the body the ability to naturally heal itself through a combination of both electric stimulation and cold laser technology. The low-level laser is used on many different parts to the body and is effective on reducing the pain of conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, sprains and more.

During the initial consultation Dr. Lawrence performs a complete physical examination and takes x-rays to identify the areas of the body that are injured, have restricted circulation or are damaged. The doctor also conducts tests to determine the flexibility and mobility of the individual and discusses the triggers for the pain such as stress or tension.

Dr. Lawrence asks in-depth questions about the individual's diet, exercise regimen and normal activities to ascertain gaps in maintaining a healthy body. In addition, a person who suffers from pain as a result of their job is asked about triggers or activities that may contribute to the pain such as sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time, lifting improperly or bending and twisting.

After evaluating all of the data collected Dr. Lawrence creates an individualized program that addresses both the immediate pain and contributing factors in a holistic manner. The doctor uses both chiropractic care and other therapies to relieve pain, stimulate healing and enhance proper circulation throughout the body. The doctor also makes recommendations for changes in diet to increase vitamins and nutrients that are required by the body to stimulate healing, increase stamina and enhance overall healing.

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