The San Antonio Spurs are well represented at the London Olympics. But after the quarter final round, only one Spur remained standing, Manu Ginobili.

Ginobili and the Argentine's next task will be tough one, they will need to beat Team USA led by Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant to have a shot at another gold at the Olympics.

The path to the semifinals weren't easy for Argentina, they were upset by Tony Parker and France in the elimination round and had to squeak pass Tiago Splitter and Brazil to meet USA in the semis.

By contrast, the heavily favored US team, had only to dispatch an Australian Team led by Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown and point guard Patty Mills during the quarter finals to reach the semifinal round.

However, all hope is not lost. While Manu and co. by 29 points against the Americans in the preliminary round, they only had to beat them once to advance into the Finals. Perhaps they can look back on how they played them during the pre-Olympics to gain more confidence going into their semifinal showdown.

The Argentines and Americans will meet in the semifinals for the third straight Olympics. Argentina won in 2004 at Athens, and the U.S. Redeem Team avenged that loss four years ago in Beijing on the way to winning gold.

For Luis Scola, one of five leftovers from the beloved '04 team -- known fondly as "The Golden Generation" back home -- this is one last run at Olympic glory.

"We are getting older," said Scola, 32. "We know we don't have two more Olympics. We may not have one more. This is a special chance for us."

"We are going to play the Olympic semifinal for the third time in a row," Scola said. "That's pretty big for our country. I know some countries have done that in the past, but you've got to put it in perspective. This is Argentina. We've never done that before and this is the same group that did it the two other times, so it's emotional for us."

"We just accomplished a huge goal to make it to semifinals," Ginobili said. "We know we are in a situation where thousands -- if not millions of basketball players -- want to be in."

"We are gonna try to do the same approach, try to turn the ball over less, make a few shots in the second half hopefully, and not let them run," Ginobili said. "Then, if they get inspired and LeBron starts to make 20 3-pointers, there's little you can do. We have maybe a five-percent chance of winning, but we are going to fight for that."

Manu and his teammates maybe older, but they have the heart of champion and they done it before.

So why not now?

Against all odds, the last Spurs standing can't wait to play to have another shot at glory.

(Photo by Mark Ralston / Getty Images via Spurs Nation)