The Galaxy's own, Landon Donovan, is still considering playing in Europe during the MLS off-season.

Last year, the midfielder went on a 10 week loan spell to Everton of the EPL. His contributions on the pitch were epic, an earth shattering performance with goals, assists, and victories over Chelsea and Manchester United.

The Toffees quickly took in and embraced the American as their own, but still managed to rip on Donovan for being a Yank.

During an interview after Donovan's first goal for Everton, his teammates walked behind the reporters and teased the man of the match. They were heard saying: "Yeah! Wooooo! First goal! USA, USA, USA, USA... Do you call it a touchdown over there?" All this while the American tried to keep a straight face.

With the Galaxy's MLS season over, will the Captain go out on loan, let alone, to Everton?

"My plan is to rest over the next few weeks and get in a mental place where I can make a proper decision," said Donovan. "If you ask me today, I would say 'no' because my body is exhausted. If you ask me in two months, I would probably say 'yeah' because I'm excited again."

"Give me a few weeks and I will have an answer for you," Donovan further explained. "Right now I'm four days into my vacation and I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to chill and then in a few weeks I will make a decision."

It's over a month until the transfer window opens in the EPL, For right now, It's still up in the air for the American.