So, the Wolves play the Lakers tonight. Unless you have NBA League Pass or are attending, you unfortunately will not be able towatch. Seriously. Is this the only Laker's game that is untelevised nationally all year, and the Wolves aren't even carrying it on Fox Sports? Seems alittle off to me.

Anyhow, Don from With Malice and I exhanged some questions late last night. Check out his fellow Bloguin blog where he will likely havea Q&A with tours trulyposted later today. Here goes:

MR: I'll let you defend yourself: why do you think so many NBA fans hate the Lakers and Kobe?

D: I'd put it down to jealousy. Success breeds it, and there's no denying the success of the franchise. That they'll at the very least compete at the upper levels is almost a given season-to-season... and Kobe?...

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