Good Morning Hofstra! And welcome to the sports perspective from a non-sports fan. I hope you all enjoyed the exciting weekend of full sun, 70-degree weather, and the annual music festival put on by Hofstra Concerts and Entertainment Unlimited. And while the school was busy having fun in the sun, they missed out on some exciting news for the Hofstra Lacrosse team. This would have been huge news to the student’s body if Hofstra we’re to market its sports teams better.  They would have known that last Friday, Senior defenseman, Mike Skudin, was been named the men’s defensive player of the year by the Colonial Athletic Association. He is to lead 8 Hofstra athletes that were also named to the All CAA.

This is the second ALL CAA  for Skudin, who is a native of Long Beach New York. He is also the first pride defensemen to score above the high scoring average in the country. Apparently he has had something like 26 ground balls, 16 turnovers, and has started all 15 games. I cant get too enthused about all this because I am the kind of person that you would call “sports clueless.” However, one thing is for sure, this guy is a boss.

Joining Skudin from the Hofstra pride, according to, will be Jay CardAdam Mojica and sophomores Ian Braddish and John Antoniades. Hofstra's All-CAA second team selections were seniors Jamie Lincoln ,Steven DeNapoli and junior Andrew Gvozden.


This is amazing news for Hofstra Athletics because it is the first time Hofstra has sent 8 students to the ALL CAA since 1999.

In 2009 Hofstra decided to cut their football program to try and focus on their more important sports. This decision was highly un-favored amongst the student body. However, it would appear that we are making major strides outside of football. And oddly enough, I have heard hardly anything about it. Maybe they are not focusing hard enough on the other sports teams. I wish Hofstra would market its Lacrosse team better so we could go support it more as they make these incredible achievements.

Anyway, that all for a sports opinion from a non-sports fan. I hope you all manage to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, because it would seem that all the april showers has now lead to may flowers. Have a good day.