As a rule clients will try to find an economical way to restore a sentimental carving inherited from a loved one. Statue restoration can present the supreme answer to care for such precious items. There are various methods that are used when restoring heirlooms of this nature and mainly three options are presented to clients depending on the type of article.

Generally objects can be fixed with more modern types of materials available today, cracks or broken parts are first repaired and then items are repainted to equal original colors. Materials found these days are much stronger than olden day matter and paints used in the process will hide where repairs were carried out on the sculpture. This is a quick, cheap and relatively easy way of carrying out any restorations.

Another method is Conservation; this is where primarily original resources are matched to recreate every aspect of the sculpture. Such as if originally the plaster contained a mixture of two or more substances then those identical items will be used to duplicate the mixture. Where no repairs are required the items are very gently cleaned and sealed to stop further corrosion from taking place.

If individuals merely want the items to appear like new, then replicating it may well be the better option to choose. All existing elements are quite simply fixed however possible so as to resemble the original item. Visually more pleasing, it has the disadvantage that the overall value may possibly be lessened and therefore where antiques are concerned it is definitely not a viable option.

Where restoring figurines simply by repainting them, it may still be necessary to ensure whether the paint needs to replicate the original one used or if a modern product can be applied. Prior to repainting all the aged paint must first be removed and very lightly sanded. Next, spackle may be applied to fix any small surface cracks before sealing items with primer and proceeding to paint it with high quality enamel paint.

Naturally not all statues are plaster ones, marble, bronze and cement sculpture are also plentiful. Marble deteriorates rapidly due to its porous nature and needs to be protected and cleaned adequately. Preservation of these pieces may simply require the surface to be wiped clean, with proper cleaning products, before applying some sealant or colorless marble wax.

With certain products returning their original luster will only involve basic cleaning methods. Bronze is notorious for not liking any abrasive cleaners so instead one should use tiny drops of liquid soap in water to wipe down the item before applying colorless wax paste. Oil based and harsh chemical cleaners will cause the metal to corrode and thus damage the statues.

Statue restoration companies offer all these services and especially in the case of valuable items one should seek experienced restorers. There are numerous websites available that can assist with ideas on general care of these items. As always prevention is considered better than cure.

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