When talking about cultural diversity; accessibility, inclusion, diverse consumer communication and education, aged care trainer the name Klaudia Vainshtein is on the top list. Klaudia Vainshtein is an emerging leading authority in Australia on inter-generational issues and an encouraging adviser, project creator and manager.

So if you want to know about the career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, expertise request, job inquiries, business deals or reference request, you can contact to Klaudia Vainshtein. Her hard work and efforts has leaded her to found her own company named ‘Age Connect’. This company offers the services like improving communication between organisation and customers, learning from the elderly and their wealth of knowledge, making society more inclusive for culturally and linguistically diverse people, ensuring that no lives ever go unnoticed, seeing elderly people as part of multigenerational families and facilitating information sharing. Interestingly, all these services are of great concern to Klaudia Vainshtein as an individual.

Knowing some more facts and figure about the ‘Age Connect’ of Klaudia Vainshtein will surely, make you inspire and will guide you to help, respect and care about one another. At ‘Age Connect’, the talk is about how to respect and appreciate the elder people rather than discussing about the old generation that they are a burden for the world economy. And then only we can learn and get inspired from the wisdom and knowledge they have gained throughout their life. There are more interesting details and essentials about the company which can contribute to make a better world.

Surely, you might be curious about the professional background of Klaudia Vainshtein that what steps and what job profile has brought her achieve this position. So, briefly, Klaudia Vainshtein was director of Triumph of Music Promotions Pty Ltd and presently Klaudia Vainshtein is director of her own company ‘Age Connect’. She was appointed as teacher in Northern Institute of TAFE Health & Community Studies Department and principal at Klaudia Berger & Associates, Career Advice for Mature Aged People and Migrants. Klaudia Vainshtein was Multicultural Liaison Officer in Elwood Secondary College and Project and Research Officer in Victorian Co-operative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups. And there are many such designations which she has gone through.

So, to seek the help and get the guidance from Klaudia Vainshtein, you can contact through the LinkedIn social networking site.