Just when I thought things were looking up for the Kings, we crash and burn. With Tyreke Evans most likely signing a $44 million, four-year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans, the Kings were looking to make a move. They expressed interest in former University of Arizona Wildcat and current Denver Nuggets star Andre Iguodala. The Kings, the Nuggets and the Detroit Pistons were all making bids for Iguodala, but it seems like the Kings were going to offer him a solid four-year, $52 million deal. That offer was abruptly taken off the table late last night as the Kings pulled out last minute.

Although it is unclear why the Kings pulled out, sources say it was because the Kings wanted a prompt answer and Iguodala wasn’t ready to give it to them. In what we can assume was a reaction to the Kings offer, Iguodala tweeted. “Wow!!!!” with a second tweet following stating, “Really?? Ok…motivation!!!!!!”

I thought Iguodala would have been a great match for the Kings. He’s a great player, a leader and a big enough name to help put our organization on the map. I can only hope that the Kings new owner and new GM know what they’re doing, but only time (and trade rumors) will tell.