maxpreps.comESPN's 11th ranked recruit in the 2014 class is set to decide his choice of college on Halloween, October 31st at noon. He has cut his list to six schools: Duke, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan State, UCLA, and Wisconsin, but Crystal Ball predictions list Duke at 100%. Well Duke is considered the favorites for Looney, it is not a done deal. He is a great slasher, scorer and rebounder, making him a potential very big part of Duke's 2014 recruiting class. Make sure to check at noon to see his decision.


If Kevon Looney decides to go elsewhere, Duke will still be in good shape. ESPN's 23rd ranked recruit in the 2014 class, power forward Reid Travis, is a great back up option for Duke. Travis is set to announce his college choice November 8th. He is down to Duke, Minnesota, Stanford and Gonzaga, and is listed at 79% for Duke by 247sports. He is the AAU teammate of Tyus Jones and is a great rebounder and pick-and-roll big man. Both Looney and Travis bring different games to the table, yet likely both will not attend Duke due to concerns about playing time. I definitely believe Duke will succeed in bringing in one of these talented power forwards but its difficult to determine who.


After their official visit to Duke last weekend, Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones appear down to Duke and Kansas. Many reports have been saying each could go either way. It is a difficult to determine which way they will go, but I believe Duke is in a great spot. Look for these two to decide their future soon, as both said they want to decide before their high school basketball seasons. Okafor and Jones are listed as 88% and 90% respectively by 247sports, although I believe it is closer then that. Okafor and Jones are the two keys two this recruiting class, so definitely look out for news regarding those two in the coming weeks.


Finally, the last two 2014 recruits with a Duke offer are small forward Justise Winslow and center Myles Turner. Justise Winslow is ranked 14th by ESPN and is a 37% Duke choice by 247sports. This number could begin to turn towards Duke if Okafor and Jones decide on Duke, as he has mentioned wanting to play with them before. Currently, he appears a Arizona player, but Duke is considered in a close second place. Myles Turner is ranked 2nd by ESPN but does not have a vote towards Duke on 247sports. He should still be on Duke's fans radar, should Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor chose Kansas. Kansas is given 77% of the vote on 247sports for Turner, but would likely have to pull out of the Turner sweepstakes with Jahlil. It could swing towards Duke in that case, but it is tough to predict.


It will be an important few months for Duke in 2014 recruiting, and it starts October 31st with Kevon Looney. Hopefully recruits start picking up Duke hats and join Grayson Allen in Duke’s 2014 recruiting class!