Kenny Britt is one of the controversial players the Titans have ever had. And what makes his legal and personally issues even more troubling for coaches and fans is that he is also one of the best receivers the franchise has had since coming to Nashville. In fact, Derrick Mason may be the only guy standing in the way of Britt being the most dominant force at wideout the Titans have ever had.

It is really a shame to see that kind of talent being thrown away by this young superstar. He has been busted for marijuana possession, ran from the police, been caught lying about his car, and just yesterday told fans he was "hacked" after saying "F*** You Goodell" across the two biggest social networks on the web (Facebook and Twitter). While that last one may not necessarily be his own doing, you have to question while the well-behaved players in this league never seem to be the ones getting "hacked." Also, with the lockout not seeming to have any end in sight, one can only imagine what more trouble our biggest receiving threat will get into. 

It is going to be interesting to see how the Titans go about this problem. The franchise has certainly dealt with its fair share of issues in the past, but no problem player has really been as big of a part of the team as Kenny Britt is (not even PacMan Jones). Luckily, this lockout does give the team some time to possibly iron out some of the problems with him. Maybe he need some help or at least somebody to tell him that there are other things to do with your life other than start trouble when football is out of season.

I hope the best for him though. I really do hope he can turn things around and use his outstanding talents to become the great player I know he can be.