Mets put Chris Capuano (3-6 5.06 era) on the mound making this outing his first start back in Milwaukee, his former team before signing with the Mets. Shawn Marcum (6-2 2.78 era) took the mound vs. the Mets.

Before the series began, Jason Bay was batting .299 career in Miller Park. He got the day off Sunday, and with no game Monday, Bay had time to clear his head. Obviously Bay is in a real slump, and you can see his frustration after everything he feels he does wrong.

The Brewers have been hot as of late, getting great production from their three and four hitters Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Their pitching has been outstanding as well with the exception of Chris Narveson and Randy Wolf. While the Mets don’t need to face Greinke, they will need to bat against tough pitching in Marcum and Gallardo. Pelfrey will get to face the struggling Wolf, which will make an interesting game.

On to game one of the three game series vs the red hot Brewers:

Most of the 6th inning was boring, with not much hitting. Both Marcum and Capuano were in small jams, but pitched their way out of the jams. Capuano and Marcum pitched very well, both had high pitch counts very early in the game.

Marcum pitched 6 scoreless innings after being pulled because of his pitch count. Capuano on the other hand made one mistake. Bottom of the 6th with 0 outs, Capuano hung the pitch right in the center of the plate. Yes, Fielder smoked it to deep center.

Marcum looked good for the win until Marco Estrada came in with the score 1-0.

Marco Estrada came in for the 7th inning, with what was thought to be an easy inning with the 7-8-9 hitters up. He walked Thole and let a bloop single to Tejada. Collins instead of opting to bunt with Capuano and sacrifice the runners into scoring position, brought up Jason Pridie. He wasnt able to get the bunt down, but with 2 strikes hit a grounder to first base, which was a fielder’s choice as they opted to go to 2nd base first, and force out Tejada. With Thole on third and Pridie on first, the red hot Reyes hit a, what seemed to be meatball changeup. He sent it all the way to the center field fence on the fly. After hitting the fence, the ball took an awkward roll away from Carlos Gomez, the center fielder. Reyes ended up with a 2 run triple to take the lead at 2-1.

With Justin Turner at the plate with Reyes on third, Turner hit a hard hit grounder to Rickie Weeks. With Reyes charging in at the plate, and the Brewers playing in, Weeks threw a bullet to Lucroy, the Brewers catcher, and Reyes was tagged out at home. When Reyes was tagged, he didn’t even slide. It seemed as though, he thought he would have made it before the throw. I’ve never seen him not slide, sometimes he slides when he doesn’t have to, so I’m not to worried about that.

Turner is left on 1st base, with Carlos Beltran up. Estrada was really struggling in the 7th inning. Beltran hit a very far fly ball to center field, where again, Carlos Gomez was playing. After robbing Chris Capuano of a extra base hit in the 5th inning, Gomez leaped and was able to rob Carlos Beltran’s 2 run home run to retire the side.

Pedro Beato pitched a 1-2-3 7th inning, and Jason Isringhausin pitched a 1-2-3 8th inning. That was a plus from the bullpen, especially in the 7th and 8th innings, where the Mets seem to fall in games.

In the 9th inning, Willie Harris gave the Brewers a scare, pinch hitting for Isringhausin, hit a deep ball to right field, but the ball was caught at the warning track by Corey Hart.

Francisco Rodriguez, who has been very shaky of late, pitched a hitless 9th, to get his 17th save of the season.

Reyes again was the star of the game, helping the Mets beat the Brewers 2-1.

Capuano took the win after going 6 innings with 1 run. He is now 4-6 bringing his ERA down to 4.86. Marcum lost the win because of Estrada blowing the lead in the 7th inning. Estrada’s poor performance gave him the loss.

Throughout the whole game home plate umpire Gary Darling seemed very inconsistent with both sides of his calls. Hitters didn’t know what to swing at, and many got caught looking at pitches that were called strikes that look like an obvious ball.

With this win, the Mets beat the red hot Brewers (21-8 record home). By now you can start chanting “MVP” for Jose Reyes. He has done an excellent job, which is really needed with all of the injuries the Mets have suffered. Jason Bay continues to struggle, for game two, versus Randy Wolf, I expect Bay to stop his largest slump of his career Tomorrow night.  Mets started off the road trip on a high note, but it must continue. The bullpen needs to get rest and be ready to pitch when called upon. The starting pitching has done a very nice job as of late, excluding Pelfrey’s performance his last outing. On this road trip, they need Murphy and Pagan to step up and deliver.

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