When we talk about famous personalities, the name Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador is one of those professionals who have achieved greater excellence in their life and are continuing to do so.

Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador is a professional with more than two decade of experience in banking and financial industries. Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador started his banking career as an executive with bank of Guayaquil which is the second largest bank In Ecuador, Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador has extensive knowledge in the field of banking, and finance and negotiation that helped him grow in his entire career. He became vice president of numerous agencies and branches and has hundreds of offices under his management.

In 1990, Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador established a financial company and in 2002, he founded American Capital Financial Trading Corporation in Florida, USA. The company was fully focused on international trade and helped importers and exporters to avail financial products. Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador established second company American Capital Asset Management concentrating on investment and management of portfolios of clients.

Now Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador is the president and CEO of American Capital Finance Group which is known as the alternative to banking solutions providing platform for small and medium scale businesses in United Sates, Latin America and most of the world. The company provides complete and creative business solutions for financial trading, asset management, financial advisory, and consumer leadings using financial products such as factoring, purchase order financing and accounts receivables financing. Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador is a specialist in corporate finance and also a wealth management advisor. Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador in American Capital provides quality products and financial platforms to its clients in order to help them achieve their business goals and objectives.

Juan Carlos Zurita Ecuador has played a significant role in the field of banking and finance and offering his best guidance to the business owners to run their business in a smooth and desired manner. His unmatched knowledge and experience in the field has helped him achieve greater success in his career.