By: Jose Minano

Fighter of the year - There were many great fights this year, starting with Nonito Donaire’s knock out of Fernando Montiel to a dominating win for Andre Ward.

We all remember the Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto fight, but I think that fight should be classified under "Fight of the Year", even though Ortiz surprised everyone with the victory.

"Fighter of the Year" should go to the boxer that defied all odds, that put an outstanding performance, that showed the world that he still is one of the greats & still an elite.

"Fighter of the Year" award, I believe, should go to Juan Manuel Marquez. When the fight was announced back in May, people didn’t give him much of a chance & guaranteed a knock out in Manny Pacquiao’s favor.

Heck, even I believed that Pacquiao would win by TKO. My whole perspective of looking into this fight was Marquez’s age & the fact that he had to climb two weight divisions were going to be against him. I also believed that Mr. Marquez was going to out-box Manny Pacquiao til' he tired.

Juan Manuel Marquez is a gifted and talented boxer. He’s had questionable losses, starting with the DQ on his Pro debut to his last loss to Pacquiao by decision.

There are some that say that Pacquiao had a off night, but before you discredit what Marquez did on November 12, all me to explain. To clarify and so that we don’t belittle Marquez, lets go back to Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley.

Mosley displayed effective movement against Pacquiao, forcing Pacquiao to adjust his attack over and over again. Mosley exposed Pacquiao’s boxing ability. Of course, if Mosley had 10% of Marquez’s skills, it would’ve been a different fight. Mosley had the right idea of moving, but wasn’t able to capitalize on it by countering, and believe me, he had plenty of chances to connect some great shots as Pacquiao came in wide open in one-dimensional fashion.

Marquez showed all of us why he should be named "Fighter of the Year". He had all of us in disbelief, he will always be remembered as an "all-time great". In my eyes “The greatest Mexican Boxer” of all time. A man that was able to climb in weight and dominate younger, "in their prime" fighters; a man that is way past his prime and was able to embarrass “The Ring Magazine’s” P4P king. A man that deserves to be 2011’s "Fighter of the Year".

I have posted a short film of Juan Manuel Marquez History Highlights, a video by Goldenboyromanza2. Enjoy!


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