The founders of the United States died to ensure we, the individual citizens, had certain rights that are not available to many other countries. This great experiment in a democratic republic has required all of us to cherish and fight for the rights that were won for us so many years ago. The second amendment to the US Constitution is under attack and has been for many years and one of the ways to think about how to protect our 2nd amendment rights is to know they are ours and must be fought for.

There are only 27 words in this amendment. It shows that this statement only recognizes the fact that this right is already ours at the time of the Constitution. The plain and simply wording shows this, however, we need to make sure we let people know that gun control activists have it wrong in their mistaken reading and punctuational manipulations.

The children, in that day, were taught how to use weapons that were common in their day. Many of them were involved in the hunting that took place because of the need for food. There is, apparently, a misunderstanding that this amendment has to do with hunting. It does not as it talks about the Militia. This group was all people of a certain age being trained for community defense.

The amendment talks about the preservation of a free society. A free society can not exist if people are allowed to break the law and infringe on our personal property or wealth. A free society can not be such if overpowering governmental edicts deprive us of personal freedoms and our right to pursue them. This right is what helps guarantees all other rights.

By not pointing out some of the inconsistencies in the law makers own words and actions, you are actually helping them make their misunderstanding into law. This imperils all who have to live under them. The cities with the most draconian gun control laws are also on the top of the list of cities with the most gun crimes.

By not enforcing the gun laws that are on the books and ignoring a growing mass of information that they are not on the right track, our course of action is plain. By assisting in making people aware of the flaws in the bills coming to Congress, we can let them know that many people have to break the law to get guns in the first place.

The actions that are necessary to take are to point out that the people who want to commit these mass murders go to places where the law abiding can not bring guns. In those few occasions they did go to places where guns were, they were stopped before the bodies piled too high. Not only that, all of these individuals broke laws to get to that point and were in a mental condition that should have prevented them from having a gun in the first place.

Our right to keep and bear arms have been with us since the inception of this great republic. For any temporary politician to try and take that right from us goes against the US Constitution. This should not be allowed to stand. If we do not protect our 2nd amendment rights, none of the other rights will have any defense.

There comes a time when we all need extra help to find out about how to protect our 2nd amendment rights. If you are one of them, we strongly advise you to visit this web page now.