New York Jets wide receiver and top punt returner Jalen Saunders' medical condition has now been determined to have been a Secure according to the team. Saunders suffered what has been termed a medical incident on August 15th which caused him to end up in a grassy area off the road after failing to complete a left turn on his way to the Jets practice facility. Jalen was hospitalized briefly for what doctors called "observation"until his release last Sunday. Saunders himself was unable to state what battery of tests were run. Feeling 100% and having been put on no preventive medication, Jalen Saunders has returned to practice today. Cleared by doctors the Jets plan to play Saunders in their final pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Saunders has stated that there is no family history of seizures. BUT THE STORY DOESN'T END THERE. With the recent upturn in concussions and the national football leagues ever evolving medical, concussion protocols focus has been put on helmet manufacture and design. Several companies are involved with helmet to helmet impact as well as research and design. One such company produces a low cost padding overlay. (Designed mainly for minors and pictures above). But there has been resistance to change with some schools even banning the design. Let's remember that Wes Welker has suffered three concussions just in the short time period that he has been playing with the Denver Broncos. Follow the link below for the full story on Jalen Saunders, secured and Helmet research: