Instead of picking up his $9.5 million dollar contract option, Derek Jeter signed a new one year deal worth $12 million.

Jeter, coming off an injury plagued season, is now the last player standing from the Core 4 with Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte retiring and Jorge Posada retiring two years ago.  It's hard to believe that the Core 4 is now the Core 1.

Signing Jeter to a $12 million dollar was surprising as he was set to make $9.5 million with his player option should he have accepted that.  The increase in money is certainly one to question as he was injured the majority of last year.  

Now the Yankees have to take a cap hit close to $12.8 million on an aging player who no one quiet frankly knows if he is fully healthy and if he can still produce at the highest level.

Time will tell, but with rumors swirling about the team possibly going after Stephen Drew, it makes one think just how healthy Jeter is.

Stay tuned, the off-season is just getting started