Now that Manny Pacquiao has challenged Floyd Mayweather to a fight for charity, it's checkmate. The running, ducking, excuse-making American coward is finally cornered. He has no more acceptable excuses or reasons to duck the Fight Of The Century.

The time has come for the American interests and media to sacrifice Mayweather to Pacquiao.

Showtime Network's Stephen Espinoza must no longer follow the dictates of Al Haymon to continue to fund and reward Mayweather with multi-million dollar sparring session paydays vs. handpicked set ups like Amir Khan.

The major American boxing media outlets represented by Kevin Iole, Dan Rafael, Max Kellerman, Teddy Atlas, George Willis, Ring Magazine, Boxing Scene, Fight News, Sports Illustrated, etc, must recognize and report Pacquiao's latest challenge of Mayweather and they must condemn Mayweather, Haymon, Golden Boy and Showtime if they dare to continue to resist participating in the Fight Of The Century.

If Golden Boy, Showtime and the American boxing media continue to protect the greatest coward in the history of athletics Floyd Mayweather from Manny Pacquiao the final ultimate breaking point will have been reached. And a revolution will take place.

Boxing fans will have no other action to take but to boycott, shun and refuse to support anything to do with Floyd Mayweather, Showtime, Golden Boy and Al Haymon.

The power of the people must unite to destroy this unholy alliance and enemy to the sport of boxing - Al Haymon, Showtime, Golden Boy, Richard Schaefer, Steve Espinoza and worst of all Floyd Mayweather.

The future of boxing as we knew it is at stake.

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