Hydroseeding basically refers to a specialized method of planting that is commonly used for planting on a large scale basis. It entails thick slurry that is made by having a mixture of seed, mulch and water. In some instances, fertilizers and pesticides are added to the mixture. The means of spreading out the seeds will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of the area that is being planted on and the kind of seed being planted. There are very many advantages of the hydroseeding method of planting. It is therefore important to choose the best Kitsap hydroseeding experts.


Faster growth is evident in this kind of method. One of the reasons why it grows faster is because it will have a lot of water encasing the seed, which is very essential for the germination process. Within a matter of days, the turf will have germinated and spread to the desired height.

Better lush appearance is synonymous with turf planted in this manner. Everyone wants to have a fresh turf that looks like it gets the maximum attention. It does not dry in the initial stages since it is planted with water in it thus it gets all the hydration it needs in its youth.

There is absolutely no weed seed within the hydro seeding kind of seed. The normal kind of turf is very cumbersome to maintain due to the weeds. In the weeding processes one ends up uprooting the healthy turf.

Differentiation is very possible depending on the certain areas that need to be worked on and their soil composition. It is also quite quick and easy to apply. One gets to cover a very large area of land within impossibly short periods of time.

As is common knowledge, humus is very important in improving the fertility of the soil. By planting turf on the soil for long period of time, the soil is bound to get very unproductive and at times impossible for other crops to grow on it. The humus will help restore the fertility of the soil and keep the plants healthy all year long.

Since there are already fertilizers and pesticides compounds that are contained in the solution, you will not have to spend more money on buying these. Also, due to its high success rate, one does not need to carry out subsequent planting procedures to replace the turf that did not grow thus one makes huge savings.

The care required to be given is very minimal. The only major maintenance procedure that is required is to have it mowed, which is only carried out once in a month, twice at most. It is the perfect kind of turf of soil to have for a holiday home, since at such a place you will not always be around to take care of the plants and you have to be sure that it will flourish.

Hydroseeding gives a turf that is more compatible with all kinds of soil. There are very different soils, and each kind of soil tends to have its own kind of specialty seed that will thrive well in it. Failure to this, there is bound to have incompatibility issue which leads to the drying up of the turf. Hydro seeding saves you the hassle of having to look around for a specific type of seed since one suits most. Take your time and choose the best Kitsap hydroseeding experts.

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