While sitting in Citi Field all you could hear were chants for Honduras as Israel fans stood quiet but out on the field it became the exact opposite

            On the first Sunday in June the state of Israel is always celebrated in New York in many ways. From the parade to the game Israel fans came in droves. As for the game in the first half Honduras dominated possession although Israel had more chances at the net.  During the first half the Hondurans fans went crazy and despite that Israel still felt as if they were in Israel because everyone was wearing blue and white. When the media had asked Eli Gutman about the large Honduran environment He said “I don’t know I saw 30,000 people wear blue-white “ he said “ for me its good”  

            This good translated into the second half as Israel kept getting more chances but still missed the net. Until, the 52rd minute when Ezra Hen struck net and brought something to the game that fans wanted to see. When the media asked Eli Gutman about the Galzo he said “people come to the stadium to see goal like this”.  After the goal Honduras kept the pressure but Israel defense was up to the task and would not let a ball get past them because of their high line.  As the pressure came from Honduras Israel was able to attack. In the 72nd minute Israel got on the  attack and as Fleix Barda El Yaniv dribbled the ball he saw an open net and took a shot that got redirected by Shimon Abihazria and as result the ball landed in the back of the net. For rest of the game Honduras kept getting closer but the defense and goalkeeper Ariel Hush kept denying their chances.  The closest Honduras came was when Roger Rojas used his arm and the ball landed in the net but the referee was quick to disallow the goal.  

            By the time game finished Israel was happy with their result. While the Hondurans knew that come Friday their tactics will have to change if they want to beat Costa Rica in a qualifying game. As for Israel the next big event that they host is UEFA u21 tournament, which starts Wednesday. Lastly the game and the parade made Israel feel at home which has them thinking of already coming back next year.