Is it  the time to change the start kicker ?
        The Seattle Seahawks signed the veteran kicker due to the start kicker have the leg injury ,and the San Francisco 49ers do the same thing that they signed the star kicker as a result of the bad state of the original start kicker .As cheap authentic jerseys news.
        The veteran NFL kicker who worked for 15 years Ryan Longwell ,he was unemployed all the time ,maybe ryan longwell is not so happy .in my opinion ,in regularly ,the more experience you are ,the more chance to be chosen ,while maybe the ryan longwell is a exceptional ,now h have the chance to break the curse .while he take part in the training this Tuesday ,he relied on the good performance win over the other three competitors ,I think the most important reason is that they have the 15 years experience .did it means that he will get the chance to get back to the team ,and have the chance to play the ball again ?From NFL Wholesale Jerseys news.

       The San Francisco 49 ers want to get the wins ,we could say that they really do the actual works ,they are willing to use the strength of the competition to incur the player to incentive their deeper potential that on Tuesday signed football kicker Billy Cundiff, the purpose is to let compete with the veteran David Akers who recently have the poor performance .Billy Cundiff this season worked for the Washington red skin for a while ,while he was fired when he kicked five times free kick ball in totally have twelve times chance on December nine th . once billy cundiff  on November 27 who took part in the san francisco 49 ers trial, but at that time the main coach is jim harbot, he supported to choose alex thus they did not signed the contract with Billy Cundiff.maybe he was right at that time ,because on 2009-11season billy cundiff worked for the Baltimore Ravens,the main coach of the team is his brother john harbot but after the game he was fired due to at that time he was lose a thirty two yards free kick ball which can catch the rivals at the last time ,thus he send the new England patriots into the super bowel . Wholesale Jerseys supply reported 

         As a result of the kicker Steven get the injury when they fight against the Washington red skin team, this weekend he could not be able to come on the stage when they fight against falcons, the seattle sea eagle team need to sign another kicker to play for this week's game to prepare.but when we find the new kicker ,at the same time ,we still need to focus on his performance and his injury leg this season .so when we do one thing ,we always need to the backup plan ,thus we could not worried too much when the emergency happened ,although it will cost more than we predicted ,we can make sure the every result under the control .it just the personal advice .As Cheap Jerseys Wholesale said
        Now the alex and the cundiff have a good chance to make a good performance ,who will fight for the league division first start position on January 12th , the San Francisco 49ers in candlestick park stadium will face the challenge with one of the green bay bagger ,the seattle against green bay bagger  ,Seattle Seahawks and the Washington red skin .indeed which team will be chosen ,the only thing we can do is waiting ,and one more thing is that we should do more excersice ,thus no matter who is the rival in the next game ,the chance we got win will increased .so let ourselves better ,we will get more chance to win .and do not forget to analyst the strategy .
        on 2011 season alex have a good performance that he kicked foty four times free kick ball in totally fifty two times ,while he was give the excellent record a big black dot ,that is he just kicked twenty nine time in totally he should have kicked forty two time .he did thought something or he has a bad states ? I do not know .and the bad thing is not just like that ,when they fight with the Arizona cardinals at the last regular season ,he have two times loss the free kick within the scope of ,I think I could say that the player career of bruce cundiff is not so stable , And Bruce Cundiff can be called a experienced player ,he worked in NFL ten years in total ,and now he is thirty two years old ,of course ,the San Francisco 49ers is the sixth team he worked for ,before that he also he worked for the dallas cowboys,the New Orleans saints team and Cleveland brown team .All news from Cheap Wholesale Jerseys.