7 Years.  $$$$$$$$126 million.  An annual salary of 18 million, just a smidge less than Miguel Cabrera. 

Don't get me wrong, I wanted him back.  And honestly, can anyone really blame him when most people predicted all season he'd get Jason Bay money (4 years - 16 million) and he ended up getting MVP like money?  He's a nice player.  He hits for average...sort of.  He was 14th in the NL with a .296 average.  Problem is, he's a .272 career hitter.  He can hit for power...sort of.  His 27 homers were tied for 15th in the NL.  He can play the field...or can he?  Werth has a ton of speed but he didn't exactly have a lot of field to cover.  Nationals stadium is a cavern.  6 of his home runs only leave the small yards like CBP and the ballpark in Cincy.  The power numbers will go down and he'll be punished more for his bad jumps.  He has a cannon, I'm not going to argue that.  But this is not a top 10 contract in all of baseball kind of player.

I would say I wish him the best but for a guy who took a shot at the Phils...a team that signed him when no one else wanted him...and once responded to a prominent beat writers request for time "not for you bud", I'll be happy to root against him. 

Congrats Jayson.  You're rich...but your going to be a losing team for a few years and if the Nationals ever get better, you'll be in steep decline and albatross of a contract by then.

I don't even know what this is from but its bad ass: