They say a picture is worth a thousand words and let's be honest, whoever came up with that saying is 100% correct.  The picture to the left is Jack Capuano looking into space trying to figure out what it takes to win games on a daily basis.  Tell me that doesn't scream "a picture says a thousand words," because to me it does.  He has been doing that since he was brought up to take over for Scott Gordon.  

I'm sure I am probably the first site to post this kind of article but it needs to be addressed...Is Jack Capuano on the hot seat? My gut says he is.  

Capuano is the same type of coach as Scott Gordon was in my opinion.  They both loved the dump and chase, up-tempo, dmen getting into the play mentality.  Of course they are different men with different priorities with how do deal with each player.  They were both excellent coaches in the minors as their system of play was more easily implemented to the younger players still in development.  However, multiple losing streaks cost Gordon his job and ultimately Capuano's as well.

Lets analyze Capuano's performance so far since he has been here the last three seasons. Three seasons, two missed playoffs, countless losing streaks, one playoff berth (which included a long losing streak as well) in a shortened season.  He admitted last week that he "fell asleep" on a play that resulted in a penalty for too many men on the ice (which he went off on the ref for calling) and constantly finds positives in disastrous games.  That folks, is what most of this season has been so far. 

This then begs the question.  Is he on the hot seat and if so how much longer does the Islanders brass give him? Do they replace him with Doug Weight or Brent Thompson or someone who has a winning track record in the league.  Someone like Peter Laviolette maybe or even someone else who I don't realize is still available.

The answer to those questions should be, Yes, not much longer, neither of them, and someone with a winning record in the league, whether it's Laviolette or not. 

This team seems completely lost under Capuano.  They begin starting every game sloppy and quite frankly completely uninterested and unprepared and that falls on the coach.  When a team loses they should be right back on the ice the next day practicing hard and finding ways to win, not given the day off.  Being given the day off is practically rewarding them for their poor play.  

It's like rewarding a young kid who disobeyed his parents and they continued to act poorly. Think of Capuano being the parent in this case. He rewards poor play.  Even if it is written in the CBA to give players off once a week you don't do it after a lose and you certainly don't do it after being humiliated the last few games on defense or in general.  

If the Islanders continue to struggle in the coming week Capuano will be looking for a new job. 

You can also say GM Garth Snow is also to blame and he is.  However, it's unlikely that with Charles Wang still at the helm of the Islanders both men get let go.  That is unless Wang sells the team which as of right now doesn't look like it will happen.  But hey never say never folks.

Stay tuned...