Notre Dame continues its up and down season with a prime time matchup against an underperforming Maryland squad.  The Irish will reportedly be wearing green jerseys, and for the second time this season sport a green shamrock on their golden helmets.

The Irish enter the game with a 6-3 record and a two game winning streak.  Still, their victory at Wake Forest was unimpressive.  That particular game was rather boring.  Wake Forest must have the quietest stadium of any college team at any level.  It often seemed as though one could hear a cricket chirping.  And the game seemed to reflect the quietness of the fourth largest Wake Forest crowd ever. 

The Irish offense was slow, the defense only seemed to work in the second half, apparently forgetting what time the game started, and the team overall seemed disengaged.

Now they play 2-7 Maryland, a team that started the season with high hopes after a victory over the Miami Hurricanes.  The Irish should win easily in a matchup that was supposed to hold national interest whent he schedule was made, but was likely overshadowed by the Notre Dame women's basketball team winning their season opener 81-61, and the men's basketball team opens its season just hours before the football matchup.

The 2011 Irish football team has become an afterthought to football junkies.  A team that will earn a bowl bearth, but so far looks uninspired.  How this team started the season ranked is now a mystery.  The players, the coaching staff, and the program's famed history were all supposed to be key to this team having a great season after late-season momentum in 2010.  Now... many people around South Bend seem more interested in the opening of the new ice rink and the 2nd ranked Irish hockey team (which has nearly sold out every one of its games already) than in the quickly fading football team.