1.Where where you Born at?

 Born in Waterville Maine, lived in Norridgewock and Belgrade before moving back to Waterville


 2. Do you have a favorite Team you root for?

Hendrick Motorsports


 3. Do you have any favorite Racing Moments?

 Dale SR's win in 98 and Craven beating Kurt Busch at Darlington by .002 in 03 


4. Do you have a favorite Tracks?

 Daytona, Darlington, Sonoma, Texas and Bristol


 5. Do you like that NASCAR is making it more of a fan sport and giving fans more a say in what happens?

 Oh hell yeah. Every sport has had fan involvement with all star voting or hall of fame but NASCAR takes it further with letting fans decide the segments on the Unlimited and how the order gets shuffled. Let's not forget everyone involved in the sport interacting with the fans as well. I mean cmon I talk music with Mark Martin it's awesome! Turner Scott Motorsports went on a follow spree and all the giveaways by teams just says NASCAR and its teams, drivers and everyone else know how big the fan base is to it.

6.  What would you change in NASCAR if you could do it?

 The big thing is limit how often Cup guys can run in the lower divisions. Nationwide/Truck races become snoozes when guys like Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and all them show up to race. Other big thing is how often the rain tires are used on the road courses. We bring them for a reason let's use them!


 7. Do you have a favorite Driver or Drivers?

Jeff Gordon for the past 16 years. Before that Rusty Wallace.


 8. What Racing Hero would you like to meet?
 Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon


9.  What is your favorite music?
Love rap and hip hop - I actually have 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa's We Own It blasting right now

 10. Do you like Day or Night time races better?

 Depends on the history of the race. In general always love the night races. More special paint jobs and the intensity is insane. But say they moved the 500 under the lights...wait they did. It ended at like 1230 am the next morning. A race that needs to be daytime.