1.   So Katie tell us a bit where you are from? 

Gillette, WY. It's called the energy capital. Been here all my life.

2. How long have you been a Race fan for?

Been a race fan since 1991. Started with the old TNN network. I'd sit and watch the race while waiting for country music videos to come on, they'd sometimes follow a race. I quit watching for a while to pursue other interests as a kid but I returned to NASCAR when I was channel surfing late at night and found SPEED TV at the beginning of 2012. 

3. Who are your fave Drivers in any Series?

Cup: Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr, Nationwide: Regan Smith

4. Do you  have a fave Team Owner?

Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports

5. What is your fave Race Tracks?

I like the ISC tracks.

6.  Do you Support and of the Drivers Foundations?

I don't donate to them, but I do believe in the causes. One of my favorites is Stops For Poverty. What those teams do, like sleeping outside to raise awareness, is amazing.

7.  How has your Barrel Racing Season been going?

Last year didn't go as well as I wanted. Kept knocking barrels to win money. Looking to 2014.

8.  What  would you tell young fans starting out about NASCAR?

Never really thought about what i'd tell someone, but I'd have to say, if you go to the track, pit passes are a must!

9.   What types of Music do you like?

80's-90's country, 80's rock is what I have bookmarked on my SiruisXM radio. A little 70's too!

10.   Do you have a fave food?

Pizza, chicken, nachos, oh, can't forget BACON!!

11.  Do you like Day Or Night Races better?

As a fan on the couch, it doesn't matter. If I'm going to the track, I'd have to say night because it's an extra rain date or a day to get home. I live approximately 800 miles from the nearest NASCAR track.